Stio Fernos Insulated Jacket Review


The Stio Fernos Insulated Jacket is a versatile, stylish, and rugged mid-layer. I’ve worn this jacket while
teaching avalanche courses in everything from -15 to 40, during long winter days of backcountry touring,
and all around town. It excels as both a mid-layer during colder conditions or as an outer layer during
high-output activities or mild conditions. It is super comfy, can withstand mild weather, and has an ideal
combination of warmth and breathability that have made it a go-to daily driver.

Fit & Comfort

I am about 5’9” and 155 lbs and I wear a Men’s Medium in almost every brand I own. This jacket fits me perfectly. When touring in cold conditions I typically have this layer on over a baselayer t-shirt, fleece, and thin softshell wind layer, which the Fernos has plenty of room to accommodate. Its fit allows my belay parka or hardshell to be worn over the top of it without a problem.

Warmth & Breathability

The Fernos is a warm mid/outer layer while also maintaining very good breathability. I’m able to leave this jacket on for longer during active tours which helps to minimize the need to layer/delayer. Even in cold conditions, I tend not to need anything over the top of it as long as I am moving. If I am being particularly efficient, I can often go a whole cold Montana day in the mountains without additional insulation.


This jacket is rugged. The outer material can handle lots of abrasion without showing any signs of wear,
the seams are strong, and the zippers are solid. It feels like it will hold up to years of heavy use. It has an
awesome hood and some great stretchy panels that allow for dynamic movement.


I’ll admit that style isn’t top of mind for me when it comes to outdoor gear. That said, the fact that I can
wear the Fernos around town is a bonus and something that I can’t really say about many of my other
technical layers. It has a clean look and fit and that gives it some extra versatility away from the

Weight & Packability

Active mid-layers like the Fernos tend not to be the lightest or most packable. This isn’t a down or down alternative piece and as such, it won’t pack down quite as small and it has some more ounces to it. What that bulk gets you is a far more rugged and durable mid-layer than a down sweater or the like, with a good bit more weather protection as well. As the added breathability allows you to keep this layer on more often, the extra bulk seems well warranted.

Bottom Line

I use the Fernos as a daily mid and outer layer in a wide variety of conditions. It has the durability I’m
looking for and has a rare combination of warmth and breathability, making it a go-to technical piece
that can also go into town after the day is done!

Josh Lipkowitz, AAI Instructor

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