Bill is a happy, in the moment guy who, with his girlfriend Jill and her dog Loki, splits time living between Wilson WY and a yurt in the Kelly Yurt Park. Bill has been a climber and skier since he was a teenager and still brings the same amount of psyche to the mountains as he did when he began these lifetime passions. Alongside these outdoor activities, Bill has been known to lock himself in his office with the computer and not return for days while trying to teach himself some new computer program or operating system. As far as careers go, Bill was a trace organic analytical chemist for a few years before becoming a guide. Bill is currently a full-time Mountain Guide with his IFMGA and full AMGA certification. The winter element of snow and avalanche science is one that Bill is quite keen to work with, and to be fair, some of the ‘all day locked in the office computer binges’ have been spent working on the endless attempts to make basic avalanche science attainable and understandable. Hopefully you will both enjoy and learn from the products of these efforts. Some day he plans to retire to guiding in the Dolomite’s of Italy and subsequently work on his palette for fine red wine.

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