After a short stint in guiding cat skiing in British Columbia, Aaron moved to Jackson in 2010. He hired on at AAI in 2014 and has been teaching recreationalists and professionals ever since. He has guided successful ski descents of numerous Teton peaks including the Grand Teton and Mount Moran. Outside of Wyoming, Aaron guides high altitude mountaineering in the Alaska Range and the Andes.

In his free time Aaron enjoys splitboarding and climbing with his friends and has an affinity for ski expeditions to remote corners of the map. He has completed first descents and rare repeat descents in the Tetons, Alaska Range and Andes including the SE Face of the Gilkey Tower, the Grand Teton in a day, the Sultana Ridge of Mount Foraker, The Ramen Route on Mount Hunter, and the Central Couloir of Punta Negra. 

Where are you based?

Jackson, Wyoming

What avalanche courses do you teach?

I teach Avalanche Professional Level 1, Recreational Avalanche Level 1, Professional Avalanche Level 1, Professional Avalanche Level 2, Professional Level 1 Bridge, Rescue Fundamentals

What is your favorite snow story?

In 2015 (I think) a coworker of mine and I were asked to shovel roofs at the Exum office and staff housing. As we skied up to one of the buildings we got a large collapse ( the snow from the ground was connected to the snow on the roof) and the roof avalanched sending 2 meter deep blocks of snow our direction! Luckily we were far enough away to be spared any mishap. A near miss! 

What was the path that led you to avalanche education?  

I started teaching as a natural extension to ski guiding. The two are extremely similar and the skills transfer and build off of one another nicely. I enjoy teaching because I enjoy sharing the knowledge that has allowed me to ski in the backcountry for many years. Its always great seeing former students out making good decisions

What do you do with your offseason?

I guide alpine climbing trips in Wyoming and Alaska. When I’m not in the mountains you can probably find me reading a J.R.R Tolkien book and eating ice cream

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