The 2020 AAI Foundations of Backcountry Touring Series Sponsored by Stio

Foundations of Backcountry Touring Sponsored by Stio
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We are excited to announce the launch of the American Avalanche Institute’s Foundations of Backcountry Touring with our friends at Stio.

Live on Instagram Thursdays at 4pm MST

The Details:

  • When? Every Thursday at 4 PM MST from October 8th until December 10.
  • Where? AAI Instagram
  • Why? Because knowing how to use your gear in the backcountry can be the difference between a good day out, and your worst day yet.

These little nuggets of backcountry wisdom are brought to you in partnership with Stio. Stio makes some of the best outdoor clothing around, and we couldn’t have put this series together without them.

These will be short 10 to 15-minute discussions. So, don’t be late if you want to participate and ask questions. Our owner and lead instructor Sarah Carpenter will be on each week to talk about different aspects of traveling through the backcountry. From what gear to wear, to what to pack, to what resources are available.

Missed a LIVE session? No worries, we’ll be adding each session below right after they happen.

More Resources: Snow and Avalanche Workshops

Want more information on snow safety and avalanche education? Check out the American Avalanche Associations listing of all the virtual workshops happening this season.

If you’re just starting out in the backcountry, or perhaps need a refresher course, check out our online Avalanche Fundamentals class! For just $30 you can get a quick refresher on how to prepare for traveling in avalanche terrain.

Foundations of Backcountry Touring Instagram Live Series

Week 10: Plan Your Backcountry Adventure

Week 9: Beacon Basics

Week 8: Skin Treatment and Repair

Week 7: Tips and Tricks for Pacing

Week 6: Layering for Optimal Performance

Week 5: What to Pack On a Tour


Week 4: Backcountry Route Planning


Week 3: Backcountry Etiquette and Available Resources

Week 2: What is in our Pack?

Week 1: What to Wear In the Backcountry

More on your Backcountry Touring Series Guide, Sarah Carpenter

Lastly, if you’d like regular updates about new episodes, along with more tips on snow safety and avalanche education, be sure to sign up for our email below.

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