National Avalanche School Pro 1 Field Session

Course Description

28 hours + self-paced online learning materials 860

National Avalanche School Professional Level 1 Field Session

**There is a scholarship opportunity for this course through the generosity of National Ski Area Association Mountain Foundation.  In an effort to support professional ski patrollers and other individuals interested in pursuing a career in avalanche mitigation work at a ski area, scholarships in the amount of $500 are currently available and are designed to support individuals that would benefit from a NAS field session but may not have the budget to attend. .  This is an exclusive offer for students who have passed either the 2017 or 2019 NAS Classroom Session.   For more information and to apply, click HERE**

This course should be taken after the National Avalanche School classroom session.  This course is designed for avalanche workers early in their careers, or for experienced workers looking to stay current with industry standards. The focus of this course is to prepare students to be contributing members of a risk management team, developing observational skills, as well as communication and rescue skills.  This course will spend much of our time in the field, with an additional online learning component.  During this course, we will focus on developing systems for planning and executing a route, as well as for evaluating snow stability.  The goal of this course is to help students become skilled observers who will contribute practice and be evaluated on the following skills:

  • Demonstrate small party avalanche rescue response
  • Take and interpret weather station observations
  • Utilize morning and evening stability worksheets
  • Communicate the avalanche risk to team members
  • Assess and analyze avalanche terrain
  • Manage a small group in terrain appropriate for the avalanche problem
  • Select appropriate snow pit site
  • Systematically execute a snowpit, including weak layer identification and stability tests
  • Develop solid observational and documentations skills of snow, weather and avalanches

This is a pass/fail course.

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