Advanced Winter Weather Forecasting

Course Description

2 days 475

This course will begin where the original Winter Weather Forecasting Course leaves off, and will include more advanced meteorological subjects, more mountain weather forecasting techniques, and more hands-on forecasting practice.

We begin this course by reviewing the most important aspects of weather map and computer model analysis, with a question and answer period to help explain any basic concepts that may still be unclear.

The remainder of this two day course will be spent introducing additional analysis tools and model interpretation techniques. We will also help you better organize your forecast process and teach you how to utilize all of the available weather products to create your own forecast for your specific area most efficiently.

By the end of this course you will be able to read and interpret almost any weather map, chart or model product available and you should have the skills necessary to feel comfortable making a weather forecast for almost any mountain environment.

This course will make use of both “live” weather data and on-line weather map scenarios of past winter storms during the forecast exercises.

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  • The original (Level 1) Winter Weather Forecasting Course OR proof of a recent college level weather forecasting course or equivalent.
  • Some experience looking at weather maps on a regular basis, and some practice making a weather forecast is also required.
  • Most of the maps and charts we will utilize in this course can be found on website It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the all the Satellite & Radar, Surface Maps, Upper Air, and Computer Models pages in particular, prior to this course.
  • Each student must have a laptop computer with wireless internet capability.

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