Online Group Access: Avalanche Rescue

  • Price: $25.00 / Seat

This product allows Providers to create a private Group for each course offering. Providers will be able to manage all aspects of the Group through a Group Management page. Group Managers can add Group Leaders and invite and remove students as well as monitor their progress through the online course. Each student will have a login that will give them access to the online curriculum. See ordering instructions in Overview tab below.

Ordering Instructions:

You must complete the following process to create a “Group” for each unique date and location you are offering your avalanche courses. For example, if you are offering avalanche courses on 12 different dates/locations this season, you need to complete these process 12 times. This is because each order allows you to create ONE Group. Each Group will consist of all the students enrolled in a course at a specific date and location. This allows Group Leaders to manage the Student Progress for each course independently.

  1. Click Add to Cart.
  2. On the Cart page, adjust the quantity for the total number of students in the course. Note: We recommend that you order more Seats than you plan to use, such as the maximum course attendance number. You will not be charged for any unused Seats.
  3. Click Update to update the total for the cart.
  4. Enter your coupon code provided in your Welcome email.
  5. Click Checkout.
  6. On the Checkout page, you will be prompted for a Group Name. Please follow the naming convention provided, so we can more easily track your Groups.
  7. Submit the order.
  8. Repeat this process to set up a Group for each unique date/location you are offering your avalanche courses.


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