Professional Level 2 Continuing Education

This course is for industry professionals who have taken a Level 3 course, an AvPro, or have significant professional experience, work in leadership roles within their operations, and desire to continue to develop their risk management leadership skills.


This course will start where the old Level 3 finished.  The course will challenge your observation and forecasting skills and ask you to look at terrain in fine detail.  This is not a pass/fail course, but ongoing feedback will be given to help you refine your techniques and knowledge base.  

The Pro 2 continuing education course is designed for industry professionals who have taken a Level 3 course, an AVPro, or have significant professional experience.  

This course is designed for avalanche workers in leadership roles within their operations or for experienced workers who desire to continue to develop their risk management leadership skills. 

This course focuses on avalanche forecasting for different avalanche problems, terrain mapping, and operational risk management.

The course will advance the skills for both mitigation-based and avoidance-based avalanche professionals. The tools taught and practiced will apply equally well for ski patrollers, guides, outdoor educators, public avalanche forecasters, and highway program personnel. 

Approximately 40% of the course is online and classroom based and 60% is field based. We will travel in the backcountry, in and around avalanche terrain.

This course focuses on the following knowledge and skill sets:

  • Improved understanding of snowpack metamorphism
  • In-depth terrain analysis with operational decisions made on best evaluation points, appropriate mitigation measures, infrastructure placement and indicator slopes
  • Recent developments in avalanche mechanics – An overview of current understanding of avalanche release (related back to what practitioners can readily observe in the field)
  • Professional standard of recording data and record keeping are assumed as a pre-requisite, but will be refined during the course
  • Creating personal/professional forecasts and nowcasts based on available information
  • Making operational decisions based upon avalanche hazard analysis
  • Recognizing trends and patterns in stability
  • Human factors that influence decision-making as professionals and recreationists

This course is for continuing education.   There will not be a pass/fail component, nor will there be a certification issued.


  • Level 3 course, AVPro or equivalent professional experience

Recommended Reading

  • Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain, Bruce Tremper
  • Snow, Weather and Avalanches: Observational Guidelines for Avalanche Programs in the United States (SWAG)
  • The Avalanche Review (AAA)

Additional Information

Have questions on the pro/rec split? See our pro/rec frequently asked questions page for more details, including a visual of the course progression.


24 hours + a self-paced online learning program


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