College Credit

The University of Utah offers contract credit for students in American Avalanche Institute Rec  Level 1, Rec Level 2, Pro Level 1 and Pro Level 2 courses.  Credit is offered through the Department of Health and Kinesiology. College credit cost is an additional expense beyond the course tuition and is payable directly to the University of Utah.

Course numbers, credits and costs are as follows:

  • Avalanche Level 1 HEDU 1755-030 1 $125

    Avalanche Level 2 HEDU 2755-030 1 $125

    Professional Level 1 Avalanche HEDU 3755-030 2 $250

    Professional Level 2 Avalanche HEDU 4755-030 3 $325

We encourage you to check with your University before the start of your course to ascertain that credits from the University of Utah are transferrable to your institution.

To register for college credit for your course visit:

Register for credit before your course begins and make sure to tell your instructors and AAI that  you are registered for credit.


• Enroll in an AAI avalanche course.

• Check to be sure your school will accept the transfer credit.

• Prepare for your course according to the information provided by AAI.

• Email AAI to tell them that you will be receiving credit. (See FAQs)

• On the first day of your course, register for credit online at (See FAQs)

• On the first day of your course, tell your instructors that you will be receiving credit. (See


• Enjoy your AAI course!

• You will receive a confirmation email from the University of

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to be enrolled as a matriculated student at the University of Utah?

A: No. There is no application process or fees beyond what is described here. You can register

for these credits and then have them transferred to your school.

Q: Is the credit transferrable to my school?

A: Most schools will accept credits from the University of Utah. However, it is up to your

institution to decide which and how many credits to accept and how they fit in your degree plan.

Updated 11/18/2021

Q: How do I register for credit?

A: Go to, click on your course, and fill out the requested

info and payment. Email the AAI office (at that you will be

receiving credit. Tell the office staff your name (including any differences in your name as you

registered for the course and for the credit) and the course you are taking (including course level,

date and location). Then on the first day of your course, tell your instructors that you will be

receiving credit.

Q: When should I register for credit?

A: The first day of your course is the best time to register for credit. We recommend against

registering earlier because if your plans change it is difficult to un-register. There is no chance of

credit spaces filling and becoming unavailable- if you are enrolled in the AAI courses listed

above, credit is available to you.

Q: When and how can I request a transcript?

A: You will be registered for credit in the spring semester and transcripts are available mid-May.

To request a transcript, visit or call the Transcript office at

(801) 581-8965.

Q: What type of credit is offered?

A: Undergraduate, semester credits.

Q: How will I be graded?

A: Your grade will be based on the regular assignments, activities and participation through your

AAI course- no additional assignments are required to receive credit. Students who have no

record of attendance or other evidence of participation in a course, including due to mismatched

names in credit and course registration and/or neglecting to tell AAI and/or course instructors

that they are seeking credit, will be given a grade of “EU” (unofficial withdrawal).

Q: Can I receive credit for an avalanche course not taught by AAI?

A: No. These credits are only available for AAI courses.

Credits are granted through the Center for Emergency Programs, which is housed in the

Department of Health and Kinesiology, at the University of Utah. See for more

information about the Center for Emergency Programs, the University of Utah’s

EMS/wilderness rescue major and technical rescue classes.

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