College Credit

AAI is pleased to offer the option for college credit through the University of Utah. Credit will be established through the Department of Health Promotion and Education, and is coordinated through the Center for Emergency Programs and Remote Rescue Training. AAI’s avalanche courses were audited by the University of Utah and are approved as stand alone contract classes. The Level 1 course will have an additional written test at the end that will help determine your letter grade. All students are evaluated and graded in the Professional Level 1 and Professional Level 2 courses. The specific grading criteria can be requested from the AAI office or from your instructors.

College credit cost is an additional expense beyond the course tuition and is payable directly to the University of Utah.

  • Level 1 Avalanche Course, one credit, $125.00 Course Number (H EDU 1755)
  • Professional Level 1 Avalanche Course, two credits, $250.00 Course Number (H EDU 3755)
  • Professional Level 2 Avalanche Course, four credits, $350.00 Course Number (H EDU 4755)

We encourage you to check with your University before the start of your course to ascertain that credits from the University of Utah are transferrable to your institution.


The University of Utah, Center for Emergency Programs is proud to offer college credit for American Avalanche Institute courses. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enroll in an AAI course.
  2. Register for credit at Select the course you are signed up for.
  3. ON THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR COURSE MAKE SURE TO TELL YOUR INSTRUCTORS THAT YOU ARE REGISTERED FOR COLLEGE CREDIT so that they can submit a grade for you at the end of the course.
  4. Enjoy your course.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email from the University of Utah which will list the semester you are enrolled in and the earliest date you can request your transcripts. Transcripts are available at the end of the semester of enrollment- generally this will be mid-May.
  6. To request a transcript visit U of U transcripts or call the Transcripts Office at (801) 581-8965 to obtain your grade and transcript.

Q: Is the credit transferrable to my school?
A: Most schools will accept credit from the U of U. However it is up to your institution to decide which and how many credits to accept.

Q: When can I request a transcript?
A: Transcripts are generally available at the end of the semester, which should be mid-May for avalanche courses. In rare cases, if you are enrolled in a late season course, you may be enrolled in the summer semester, which would make your transcript available in mid-August.

Q: How do I register for credit?
A: Fill out the registration form provided on the first day of your course. Pay with credit card or check on the registration form.

Q: Which department offers the credit?
A: The Department of Health Promotion and Education

Q: What credits do I get for what courses and what does it cost?
A: AAI Avalanche Level 1: H EDU 1755 Avalanche Fundamentals, 1 credit, $125
AAI Professional Avalanche Level 1: H EDU 3755 Avalanche Processes and Leadership, 2 credits, $250
AAI Professional Avalanche Level 2: H EDU 4755: Avalanche Forecasting and Advanced Training, 4 credits, $350

Q: Can I register for credit after my course is complete?
A: No. You MUST tell your instructors at the start of your course that you are registered for college credit so that they can evaluate you and provide you the test at the end of the course.

Q: Why is the University of Utah online registration for credit for my course “not available” or my course is not showing up on the site?
A: Early season and late season courses may fall between semester registration dates. Contact the University of Utah (contact info below) with any questions or concerns about registration before your course starts.

Q: Who can I contact at the University of Utah?
A: For general questions about the registration process visit or contact Andy Rich at or Les Chatelain at 801-581-4512. For transcript requests and information contact the Transcripts Office at 801-581-8965.

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