Choosing the Right Avalanche Education Course for You

Level 1 Avalanche Course

When it comes to choosing an avalanche education course, you have a lot of options:

  • Where to take your course
  • Length of course
  • Course provider
  • Instructor to student ratio
  • Type of course you should take

So, choosing the right avalanche education course can be a challenge. Therefore, we always recommend starting with a Level 1 Avalanche Course as a foundation. But once you’ve set the foundation what are the next best steps to take? Here’s a quick set of videos from one of our owners and lead instructor, Sarah Carpenter. In these, she will review the different class options to help you choose an avalanche education course that is right for you.

AAI Video: Which Avalanche Course is Right For You?

Already Taken an Avy Level 1 Class?

Avalanche preparedness takes practice to stay sharp. So, it is important to update your knowledge and skills on a regular basis. However, you may not be ready to go all-in on a Level 2 yet. Therefore, AAI has created a few rapid-fire courses. These are built to hone your skills in practical environments and help you continue to build on your avalanche education.

Avalanche Course Options After Level 1

More from Sarah on the best avalanche training path for you after you’ve taken your Avalanche Level 1 Course:

AAI Video: What Avalanche Education Course Should I Take Next?

Are you are interested in improving your snow safety knowledge and staying sharp for your next backcountry adventure? Check out our current course offerings today:

For detailed updates about current backcountry conditions in your region be sure to check out your local avalanche forecasting center. We use:

We are proud supporters of the American Avalanche Association. A3 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to professional excellence in avalanche safety, education and research in the United States. 

Sarah C. Checking Avalanche Conditions in the Teton Area

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