Level 1

Cost (Cost) Duration (Duration) Dates (Dates)
$400 3 days or 24 hours (2 evenings + 2 days) See Dates & Sign UpTab


Avalanche Fundamentals
The Level 1 provides a solid foundation in avalanche knowledge and skills.  The AAI Backcountry Avalanche Checklist helps to focus the curriculum around a systematic approach to sorting and prioritizing information in the complex environment of decision-making in the backcountry.  Forty percent of the course is classroom based and the other sixty percent is field based. We will travel in the backcountry, in and around avalanche terrain.

This course focuses on the following:

  • Basic avalanche terminology
  • Recognizing avalanche terrain
  • Travel procedures in avalanche terrain
  • Formation of the mountain snowpack
  • How weather changes the snowpack
  • Human factors and how they can influence decision-making
  • Interpreting the avalanche forecast bulletin
  • Tour planning
  • Avalanche transceiver use and rescue skills
  • Field observations of terrain, snowpack, and weather
  • Basic use and interpretation of stability tests
  • Use of the Backcountry Avalanche Checklist in the field to provide a system for prioritizing information, working as a team, and minimizing possible human factor traps
  • Classroom decision-making scenarios to practice use of the checklist
  • Next steps

Sample Schedule:


  • Snow Sense, Jill Fredston & Doug Fesler
  • Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain, Bruce Tremper
  • Avalanche Essentials, Bruce Tremper


2017/2018 Course Dates

Montana Courses
Bozeman MT 01/04-01/07 $400 Sign Up!
Bozeman MT 01/18-01/21 $400 Sign Up!
Bozeman MT 02/08-02/11 $400 Sign Up!
Utah Courses
Salt Lake City UT 11/30-12/03 $400 Sign Up!
Salt Lake City UT 12/07-12/10 $400 Sign Up!
Salt Lake City UT 12/14-12/17 $400 Sign Up!
Salt Lake City UT 01/04-01/07 $400 Sign Up!
Park City UT 01/19-01/21 $400 Sign Up!
Salt Lake City UT 01/25-01/28 $400 Sign Up!
Salt Lake City UT 02/08-02/11 $400 Sign Up!
Park City UT 02/23-02/25 $400 Sign Up!
Wyoming Courses
Jackson WY 11/29-12/03 $400 Sign Up!
Jackson WY 12/07-12/10 $400 Sign Up!
Jackson WY 12/28-12/31 $400 Sign Up!
Jackson WY 01/04-01/07 $400 Sign Up!
Jackson WY 01/18-01/21 $400 Sign Up!
Jackson WY 02/01-02/04 $400 Sign Up!
Jackson WY 02/08-02/11 $400 Sign Up!